The safety and welfare of our guests and members is a priority for ESTAMPA the configuration of our boutique hotels, private houses, with few rooms, the necessary staff, added to the sanitary measures that each hotel applies, give a guarantee of security to your stay.

Reception of the clients

a) You will be received by one of our administrators who will comply with the distance protocol that corresponds to a distance greater than 1 m.
b) You will be given the keys to the room after disinfection and explanation of all the measures taken.
c) The digital concierge is added via whatsapp.

Cleaning requirements

a) Public spaces will be treated with hospital grade disinfectants daily, as well as cleaning and scrubbing of exterior areas.
b) As a rule, decorative elements that do not comply with the new cleaning protocol, such as cushions, will be removed.


a) Detailed daily cleaning practices (door handles, shower, etc.) with hospital-grade disinfectants or through backpack fumigation are added to the rooms.
b) Cleaning and washing of towels and bedding will be done daily. Washing at high temperatures with soap and then ironing.
c) At the time of check out, a deep cleaning with hospital grade disinfectants will be done and the room will be left free of reservations for 24 hours.

The service personnel , contact with the guests and among them:

a) Only Estampa staff will be allowed to enter the house, suppliers and others will be attended from outside.
b) All staff will comply with the protocol of distance corresponding to a distance greater than 1 m must use gloves and nasobuco.
c) Masks and gloves will be available for the use of guests.
d) The furniture will be rearranged to allow more space according to the distance measurements.
e) Wipes, disinfectant gel or bleach will be available for guests’ use.
f) There will be a protocol for hand disinfection in entrance areas.

Service requirements

a) Guests may request breakfast or other services in their room or in the areas of the house designated for this purpose with the required distance and protection measures.
b) We will perform self inspection of food safety standards and will be periodically performed by government health inspectors
(c) Food handling personnel are being trained in safe food preparation and service practices.
d) The dishes used will be the traditional ones which will be scrubbed with hospital grade disinfectant and bleach.

Guarantee of our taxis

a) The taxis linked to our service will have disinfection before and after the customer service.
b) The taxi driver will carry the corresponding nasobuco as a protection measure.


a) The guides linked to our service, will use the measures of distancing, protection as nasobuco and constant disinfection of hands.
b) They must avoid in their routes areas susceptible to concentrate agglomerations.
c) They must avoid reduced spaces with limited capacity.


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